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Payment Options accepts PayPal. If you do not have access to the internet or don't feel comfortable placing orders online, please call us direct at to place an order.

Order Modifications

If you’ve placed an order online please be sure to review the order carefully. If you find any errors, please contact us immediately by phone at . Please understand that if you do not contact us right away, we will not be able to modify your order. Due to our automated system, orders are automatically submitted to our fulfillment department as soon as they are completed online.


If you are experiencing difficulties with a coupon code and this is the first time you’ve used it, make sure that you enter the code exactly as it is shown. Please note that you must enter your coupon code in the field that is labeled "COUPON CODE". If you have already submitted an order, please understand that we are not able to make changes to the financial aspect of your transaction.

BO PROJECT LLC reserves the right to correct price errors before fulfilling any orders.