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All orders on this website will be securely packaged. Although the processing time for most orders is usually only 1 business day, we strive to process each order for shipping within 72 hours. Some special orders or custom items may require additional processing time. This is usually explained in the product description. Some custom work can sometimes be handled as an “expedited service” at an additional cost. If you are sensitive to time, please contact this website. It is worth mentioning that all of our customers should follow common sense when accepting the delivery of any shipper from this website. No matter where you buy the product, you should protect yourself from liability!

Never sign the delivery receipt until you have thoroughly checked the packaging of all the goods. Yes, if you see significant damage, you will refuse to accept the shipping/carton.If you request, the delivery driver must wait for you to check your shipment carefully. As the recipient of the package, it is your responsibility to indicate any/all necessary comments on the receipt after the inspection. Failure to note the loss/short of packaging damage or delivery receipts will void the supplier's cooperation with the site; therefore, you are ultimately responsible for any insurance delivery claims to the carrier after the event. . Shipping companies have never treated the parcel as carefully as anyone else would like, so if you notice significant damage to the parcel, take notes with the driver.